Thinking about going from intermediate to advanced

ive been on the 32-week resistance + sweet spot plan and have been seeing improvements, however with the weather getting nicer and A races getting a little closer, I’m feeling the advanced might be better, also the plan right now has been feeling super easy even with adding in some Z2 time. but I was wondering if I could see an example week of the harder plan before I decide for sure.

Hey Roston! what week of the 32 week plan are you currently on?

I can shoot you an email with some info on what to expect if you bump up to the next plan.

I’m on week 4 of sweet spot part one, but could I please see week 5 since this is just a recovery week? thanks so much!

So I haven’t got that email yet but I’ve for sure decided I want to try the advanced version, so would it be better to switch over today on the recovery week if possible, or wait until the next build week?

Hey - sorry I missed that last message. I have swapped the plans out for you within trainingpeaks, so be on the lookout for the email to accept the advanced plan,
I would go ahead and swap today as the rest weeks will not vary much.

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