Sweet Spot 1 feedback

Good morning guys. I’m sending feedback since I reached the end of the 6-week period I had put in place for you SS1 plan. I’ll tell you that I didn’t complete it although due to no fault of the plan or you all. Long story short: I ended up in the hospital a couple of weeks ago with pulmonary clots and had to - abruptly! - discontinue training. I’m home now and recovering. Starting slowly with limited sessions on the trainer and I’ll ramp up from there.

Beyond that, though, I wanted to let you know that I thought the plan was spot on. Straighforward enough to clearly understand the purpose and progression and built on well-established training principles. I started with a field test and by the end of 4 weeks I was so clearly beyond the FTP data point I had taken that I was looking forward to finishing the plan and seeing what progress I had made.

Due to my health and the pandemic lockdown we’re all experiencing, I don’t have any target events on my calendar. And I’m on blood thinners for the time being so I’m not sure when outdoor riding will again be a regular part of my training. But, in the meantime, and once I confirm I can handle the training load, I plan to restart the plan. Then, once I successfully complete it, continue on with the other sweet spot plans. You have a satisfied customer! Jonathan Paul


Hey @jonathan.paul – Thanks for your positive feedback, we always love to hear when our plans help athletes get faster! Sorry to hear about your health troubles though. Set backs are always tough, but you clearly are making the best of it. With the kind of motivation you seem to have, I doubt setting a new FTP will even be an issue!

Just wanted to let you know too, if you leave a review for the SS1 plan on the website, we will shoot you a coupon code for 25% off your next plan for once you are able to get back at it!

We hope you heal quickly and are able to #FtFP again soon! :orange_heart: :black_heart: