Week between SS1 and SS2 plans

Good morning everyone :slight_smile:

Finishing off SST vol.1 this week and next week is FTP test, i do have some improvements i can feel it but it’s not too significant . My questions is, should i do the test or not ? In both occasions, what should i do in the next 5 days, ride zone 2 / sweet spot or take that week to recover ?

Sorry if this questions is asked million times :slight_smile:


Hey @zdrave!

When was the last time you did an FTP test?
Looks like you are doing SS’s 1-3 , which we would normally recommend that you test at the beginning and end of but not in the middle.

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Hey @Lacey_Rivette thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

I did an 2x8 minute test before i started the SS1 plan [didn’t do the 20min. ], then in my TP i have added SS2, SS3 and SS4 polarized week by week. Should i treat the week between SST plans as recovery week or ?


You should jump into SS part 2, do week 1 then copy the rest week from week 4 of SS part 1 and put it after week 1 of SS part 2. That way you are doing 3 weeks on and 1 week off.
Then you can move the planned rest week in sweet spot part 2 from week 4 to week 5. Again, this will keep you with the 3 weeks on, 1 week off format.


That worked, i re-arranged everything! :star_struck:


:raised_hands:t3: I am glad you could make sense of what I was saying. Rereading it, it sounds a bit like a crazy riddle!

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Trust me, it wasn’t easy :smiley:

I had like 7 times re-add and apply the plans so i can get 3 weeks on [ move, copy, move, copy], 1 off and i ended up paying TP for a premium subscription so i can edit and FtFP! :smiley:

What would i do without you guys ? Happy that i have coaching subscription!


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The premium is so worth it! All the data it gives you access to is extremely helpful for understanding your training, when to taper and how to build up for your races. If you use the discount we give you for the annual subscription, it somes out to about $8 a month too. Not a bad deal at all to help ensure you FtFP

P.S. We are happy to have you as a coached athlete :slight_smile:

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