How to swap plans

How to swap out training plan? If possible. I’m a week in and feel like the volume isn’t enough. I was able to do 4 more hrs on the bike then prescribed.

I also have only spent 60 hours on a bike total but am young and have always been an athlete. The first week felt easy and I feel great so far even with ~4 more hours on the bike and ~300 more TSS then the plan prescribed. Should I wait and see if I build fatigue over the first 4 cycle before switching? I have 16 week sweet spot intermediate.

I am happy to swap them for you if you like Kee!

However, if you are doing other training off of the bike, have work or family commitments it may be best to stick with the intermediate plan as the intensity will increase. Remember, recovery is crucial and you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your intervals for some extra time. If you want to do another week or two to see how you feel and then decide, that is perfectly okay by us too! Just let me know :slight_smile:


@Lacey_Rivette thanks for the reply. I will try out another week and #FtFP to see how I feel. Thanks again for the follow up. Question on top of that though, if I get the coaching subscription would only having heart rate data be okay? My power pedals haven’t come in yet.

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Of course Kee! I Look forward to hearing how you feel after the next week.
We always say power is ideal, however I am sure the heart rate data would be fine until you get your power pedals :slight_smile:

@FRANK correct me if I am wrong here! lol

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You are correct ma’am!

Hey @Lacey_Rivette would you be able to switch my plan out for the advanced. I have way more time on my hands then I had originally thought.

Definitely Kee, just swapped those out for you!


Hi, @Lacey_Rivette I have posted on another thread and dropped a couple of emails.

I bought the HC plan but I think it sounds like Phil’s plan (<15) would be better given my events are 3-8 minutes long.

Could I be swapped? Only paid yesterday :grinning:

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We got ya covered :ok_hand:t3:

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