Supplementing Volume with Training Plan

I’ve been “forced” into the Belgian Waffle Ride this year (May 3rd). Historically, I’ve never been much for endurance races and have stuck to crits. Because of this, I would think a heap of Z2 work would be a great thing to do, especially this early in the season. I’ve chatted with a Fascat coach and it was recommended that I do SST 1 and 2, then switch to the Gravel plan.

My question is: Would it be acceptable to supplement my Intermediate Sweet Spot workload that I do in the afternoon/evening with an hour or so of Z2 first thing in the morning? I don’t want to risk overtraining. Additionally, how long do I need to wait after SST 1 before switching to SST 2, then on to the Gravel plan?

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No need to add training rides to the plan. That would give you too much workload most likely and fatigue you for workouts. Also it takes away from recovery which is just as important as the training.

So by my count there is 22 weeks till Belgian Waffle starting Monday. My suggestion is doing 18 weeks of sweet spot, you’ll need to stop the last two weeks to start the 6 week gravel plan. The first 12 weeks of the 18 week sweet spot plan is similar to Sweet Spot 1 and 2. If you have those you can roll from 1 to 2 after the 6 weeks. However you will need to add a rest work and also maybe repeat the last week of sweet spot 2 before starting the gravel plan.

First @dennyrowe_iii - Coach @Jake & I + @Isaiah and @Jackson will see YOU at the BWR :boom:

Second - to echo what Jake is saying (#FtFP) use the Performance Manager Chart (TSTWKT) to manage your CTL as you use sweet spot training to build a big aerobic base leading into the BWR.

No need to do 2 a days. How old are you though? Because if you are under 35 years old you may be able to handle the Advanced plan over the Intermediate. The more you train the faster you will be, especially for a race like the BWR.

Read & listen to this The Performance Manager Chart in WKO and TrainingPeaks – FasCat Coaching

I’m 36, but no stranger to heavy training loads. I went with the Intermediate plan due to time constraints with work. If I didn’t have to earn my living, I’d totally be on the Advanced plan and stacking bodies come May!

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I hear ya! So one thing that you can do is go intermediate for your plans but then Advanced for the six week plan prior to your A event (the BWR).

Or like you originally suggested, tack on some TSS to your Sweet Spot Saturday rides and monitor your fatigue downstream and your ability to FtFP

Sounds like a big-brain move! That’s why they pay you guys the big bucks!