Gravel Training program - which level

Hi, I will be finishing the 18 week sweetspot training in a couple of weeks and plan to do the Gravel plan before the Belgian Waffle ride.
I selected the “Intermediate” sweetspot program, but can probably afford to do a few more hours per week in the lead up to the race.
Can you recommend whether I should stay with "“Intermediate” level or should I choose “Advanced”? What is the longest week on the “Advanced” schedule?

Our Advanced Plans have 12-16 hours are are suitable for athletes who

  • are under 35 years old
    -have a lifestyle that allows them to recover (8 hours of sleep/night)
  • have the time

Since that is not most of us here (“married, kids, job, mortgage” as I like to say) I think you’d do well on the intermediate. But tell us how old you are, etc…!

Thanks and as always #FtFP :muscle:

Thanks. Yes, I definitely fall outside those prerequisites. I am 47, married and 2 kids.

I will go for the intermediate plan.

So just lastly, my main aim is to make sure I finish the BWR, which I estimate will take me no less than 9 hours and probably somewhere between 10 and 11. What should the time be for my simulation rides?

See how you go in your rides and then 2-3 prior to the BWR see if you can do 80% of your projected duration. We will see you there!

OK, great. Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to a good ride!

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Hi Frank - so today I learned that BWR is cancelled and I do not really have anything else planned other than a few gravel group rides of approximately 3 hours in August.
I am probably going to do BWR in November or something else around that time.
I am finishing Sweetspot this week. What would you recommend I do for the next few months through to August?