Best order for Training plans to prep for a Gravel race

I plan to race the Belgian Waffle ride -Utah edition in October.

I recently bought the Gravel Hilly 100 and the new sweet spot plan. Sweet Spot Part 4: Polarized - Intermediate (8-12 hours/week) . I finished up the SS 18 week plan in March - then took a break.

My idea was do gravel then do the SS plan after. I am about 14 weeks out from gravel race.

Is that the right order? Or should I do SS then Gravel

Just trying to fill calendar with more focused effort leading up to Race. More for personal goals vs race results.

Thanks for input


Do Sweet spot 4 then gravel. The last week of the 6 week gravel plan should line up with your event. There is a proper rest and taper built into that plan.

OK - what is simplest way to delete plan from calendar - then add in the gravel instead.
Tonight is FTP test so will do that.


If you go to your plans and click on it you should be able to unapply it. Then choose the Sweet Spot 4 plan and apply that one. Don’t forget to back date it to start actually yesterday so the days line up correctly. ‘

In the sweet spot 4 plan you will not start with a field test. Today will be just an easy zone 2 ride. This way you are super fresh before doing your full gas efforts tomorrow.

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Got it . Will do it this way. I back dated also as had done easy spin yesterday, so ready for today’s effort. I hope :slight_smile:

Have not done FTP in a while but can estimate and use other app to guesstimate after a week of training.

Cool. Just want to keep the same order moving forward as well. So if that means taking one more easy day just do that so you are not trying to ‘fix’ again down the road. It keeps long rides on Saturday and then easy short on Sunday so you really have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday light.

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Thx . I did the 18 week program prior and was quite compliant. This time also focused on diet.

Wanted more intensity at times so this plan should be good


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