Belgium Waffle Ride

Hi FasCat crew.

I got done listening to your off-season podcast yesterday and wanted some input on my plans for 2020. BWR is the 3rd weekend in May and a major goal of mine for next year. I’m currently on the Phils Fondo plan which is 3 ish weeks away. My question is I want to do an extensive off season resistance plan to correct some imbalances. When should I start thinking about training for the BWR? I want to get all my plans purchased and uploaded for road map until BWR. I posted this because I think there might be a lot of people trading for the this.

Thanks Big Cat!

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Right on @1985andrewt - so after Phil’s Fondo get into our Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Base.

Then you also want to do our Gravel plan for the six weeks before the BWR - put both those plans into your TrainingPeaks, see how much of a gap there is inbetween and fill that gap in with sweet spot 3 and maybe some of 2.

Crush those cookies with Phil!

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