Supplementing Sweet Spot Basic Plan

Hi all,

To plan my 2022 season, I am tentatively scheduling plans on TrainingPeaks and looking at my expected fitness level. Thanks to a variety of FasCat plans, my fitness level is currently the highest it’s ever been. However, I noticed that after the planned completion the 18 Week Sweet Spot plan in spring 2022, my fitness is actually expected to be slightly lower than it is now.

My core question is: Can I supplement the Basic plan with a week or two of longer endurance and sweet spot rides to boost my fitness? On a recent podcast, Frank discussed using a training block week 2-3 weeks ahead of a gravel race to boost your fitness. Wondering if the same principle applies to base fitness. Using the Intermediate plan would be a bit of a strain on my family obligations, but I have the flexibility to take a couple days or week off work and get in some longer rides while on the Basic plan.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Are you able to add 30-60ish minutes of zone 2 to your endurance rides during the week/weekends?

Hi Allie,

Yes, I should be able to do that with some regularity. Would that be a better approach than a week-long block of zone 2 riding?

I would continue with your plan and add on the zone 2 when possible. I believe what you’re referencing from Frank is what we call “overload” - correct me if that is not what you heard. But the goal is to get a few harder rides in, at least on the weekends, 2-3 weeks out from your big event!

Great! And yes, “overload” is what I’m referencing for the training prior to an event. Thanks for the quick response!

No problem!! Thanks for reaching out!