Strength Phase of the 10-week plan - confusion on sets/reps/weights

I’m starting the strength phase (week 6). So far so good, but I’ve read and re-read the PDF several times and can’t figure out the sets and reps are supposed to be for this phase. It says “2 days per week and 4 sets of variable reps. See resistance program spreadsheet for sets, reps and weights for each lift. Make a note that the first 3 strength workouts labeled 1 - 3 are different than those labeled 4 – 6, for a total of 2 weeks.”

(a) there are only 4 lifting workouts in the 2-week strength phase (not 6). What am I missing?

(b) the spreadsheet shows different weights for “Strength (1-2)” and “Strength (3-4)”. I’m not sure what the difference is there.

(c) Lastly, I’m not sure what “variable” reps are.

Can someone help me out here? Thanks!

I was looking ahead this morning and noticed this as well. Was hoping to find some clarification here.


Looking at my schedule I have Strength 1, 2 and 2 x Strength 3 workout before moving on to power.
Now looking at the resistance program spreadsheet this is what I see - Strength (1 & 2) with 4 session and Strength (3-4) with 4 sessions.

How should I do these to ensure I’m #Ftfp’ing ?


Sessions should be sets.

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Session 1, 4 sets x 6 redos
Sessions 2, 4 sets x 6 reps
Session 3, 1st set x 8 reps
2nd set - 6 reps
3rd set x 4 reps
4th set x 2 reps
Session 4 same as session 3


That makes more sense, thank you!


Thanks Jean12. That makes sense. The spreadsheet is quite confusing. Here’s what the spreadsheet should say. Note the weights are specific to my 1RM.

It appears the spreadsheet has since been modified since my original download.
I opened the spreadsheet link yesterday from my daily workout reminder from TP and it’s different than the one I saved & used when I first began the program.
I begin strength session 1 on Monday.