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I am now 4 days into the hypertrophy phase of the resistance program. Today I will do session 2 of the hypertrophy (heavy) workout. However, I just noticed in the excel file that calculates weights per session, that there are supposed to be 6 sessions each of hypertrophy (heavy) & hypertrophy (light). However, my plan in training peaks only has two weeks of the hypertrophy phase with 4 sessions (2 heavy and 2 light) per week and therefore my plan only has 4 sessions (2x2) each of hypertrophy (heavy) & hypertrophy (light) in total. There is clearly an inconsistency between the excel file an dthe plan, so which is wrong the excel file or the training plan? If its the plan is right (only 4 sessions each in total) which sessions should I do from the plan (i.e. should i skip sessions 5 & 6)?


Hi @arranshearer - I think you are mistaking “sessions” for sets. The plan specifies which days you are to lift and then the spreadsheet specifies how many sets - there are 6 sets per Hypertrophy workout.

Hi Frank, the excel file specifically uses the word “session” rather than “sets”. I was wondering why my legs were not aching as much as you described in your podcasts :wink:

So I have not followed the excel file accurately. I will correct starting today and expect much more tired legs afterwards …

I recommend that you correct this in excel file as I am sure that many other athletes will interpret in the same way that I have … Thanks

Agree I read it the same way but came searching for more info as it didn’t make sense. Thanks for clearing it up. The spreadsheet says sessions where it should say sets.

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Yep, same problem, but 8 months later. Already did 5 sessions wrong, and it wasn’t until I realized that the plan had Sessions 7 and 8 that I went looking for answers. Probably ought to fix the speadsheet! I thought I was supposed to keep the same weight throughout all sets and increase the weight over successive sessions because the spreadsheet says sessions instead of sets.

My spreadsheet says sets

Since you purchased the plan we have updated the spreadsheet to say “set” instead of “session” (which is why @efty19 is seeing a different version).
I have emailed the new version to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for a speedy response and solution!

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