Strength and Power Phase Resistance Training

We received this email from Derek who found the directions a bit confusing so thought we’d share in case anyone else was having a problem interrupting the spreadsheet.

Good afternoon,
I’m about half way through with your strength training program and so far am loving the results! I think it will really pay off. One thing I noticed that was confusing to me, that I wanted to mention was the wording on the excel spread sheet. It lists “session 1” or “session 1-2” for example where (for me at least) the term would normally be “set” . Most other lifting programs I have ever seen ( I have been teaching Phys ed for 15+ years so I see a lot of them) would use the term set. The word session to me when I first read it sounded like each session was one day of lifting. After a couple days I realized where it says sessions is the sets of each exercise.
*I really do love the plan and am seeing great results, I just figured I would mention the part I found to be confusing in case that was also confusing to others as well. *


The header for strength and power phase in the spreadsheet says 1-2 and 3-4. This is the label for which workout not the number of sets. Strength day 1 and Strength day 2 will be the same routine as will 3 and 4. Below the header is the sets, reps and weight.


@Jake a follow up question to this strength phase. When looking at the attached pdf this highlighted bit confused me. My spreadsheet seems to correspond to the image you’ve attached above but my training plan doesn’t have “Strength 5-6” on any other days?? I have the weights+base 16 weeks training plan purchased a while back.

that is #'s 5 & 6 strength workouts on your plan that also correspond to different % 1RM’s in your spreadsheet (same as 3-4)

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Thanks for the reply @FRANK is it possible I have an old outdated Training Plain? I’ve just double checked & I definitely don’t have a #5 & #6 on my Training Plan. My Order # was #7805 and was placed on May 7, 2018. It’s the Weights+Base 16 weeks plan or as per invoice Resistance Training + Sweet Spot - Advanced

You have the 10 weeks resistance training plan (in person @ the gym)

There is another version at home that is 12 weeks that has Strength 5 & 6. We designed the at home version this year for athletes to lift weights with a squat rack, ViPR and kettlebells at home. It is for sale here:

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Ah ok that makes sense. Nearly half way already so for now I’ll stick to the gym version. Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve got a question regarding the power phase in the at home 12 week training plan. On the 2nd and 3rd week it adds the plyometric workouts(jump, split, footwork, etc.). Do we do that together or separately with the power workout? In other words, do I do the power workout in the morning and then later in the day do the plyometrics workout? Or do I do both those workouts all together?


Hey @larsonvelo – ideally do both of those during the same session and then give yourself the rest of the day as recovery :muscle:t3:

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