Strength and Power Phase Resistance Training

We received this email from Derek who found the directions a bit confusing so thought we’d share in case anyone else was having a problem interrupting the spreadsheet.

Good afternoon,
I’m about half way through with your strength training program and so far am loving the results! I think it will really pay off. One thing I noticed that was confusing to me, that I wanted to mention was the wording on the excel spread sheet. It lists “session 1” or “session 1-2” for example where (for me at least) the term would normally be “set” . Most other lifting programs I have ever seen ( I have been teaching Phys ed for 15+ years so I see a lot of them) would use the term set. The word session to me when I first read it sounded like each session was one day of lifting. After a couple days I realized where it says sessions is the sets of each exercise.
*I really do love the plan and am seeing great results, I just figured I would mention the part I found to be confusing in case that was also confusing to others as well. *


The header for strength and power phase in the spreadsheet says 1-2 and 3-4. This is the label for which workout not the number of sets. Strength day 1 and Strength day 2 will be the same routine as will 3 and 4. Below the header is the sets, reps and weight.

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