Resistance Program Workbook

It looks like there are two versions of the Resistance Training Workbook in the Offseason Training plan I purchased.

The workbook I entered my 1 RM values into was from the first adaptation workout has “Session” in the header rows found in column A. Following the PDF and that workbook I was doing 6 sets of 10 reps at the same weight during the hypertrophy phase by Session. Tonight I opened up the workbook from the first strength workout in TrainingPeaks on my mobile device and noticed that the header rows in the workbook are all show “Set” not “Session”. Looking at a few of the other workbooks attached to the other adaptation, hypertrophy, and strength workouts in TrainingPeaks all have “Set” in the header rows.

It looks like I should have been increasing my weight for sets 3-4 and 5-6. Which is correct, increasing the weights by Session or by Set? By Set makes sense now that I think about it but I was trying to FTFP based on that first workbook. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe I missed a note about this elsewhere in the forum about this. I looked in the forum and the PDF but didn’t see anything about this.

Hey @eric.dowell - sorry about the confusion. I was working on updating those and must have not swapped out all of the worksheets. This is a screenshot of the one you should be using. I have also sent it to you via email just in case.

Column A should say “set.” If anyone else reading this has the old one that says “session” feel free to comment on here and I can email you the correct one :slight_smile: