30 week training plan

Hello. Question. The “Power” portion of my training c plan includes 6 Power sessions. However, the worksheet included only 4 sessions. Does anyone know how many reps, sets, and what weights I should do for the squat, leg press, and leg curl for sessions 5 and 6? Thank you.

6 Power workouts per the plan on your training calendar.

I have the same question as the resistance training worksheet only has the first four weeks worth of % of1 RM values what are the last two weeks supposed to be

I think the reason people are getting confused is that the excel worksheet provided with the plan says “Session” in column A, when it really means “Set”. So in the Power phase we do the same workout six times, using the 4 sets of decreasing reps. If you follow the sheet literally you’d probably think the first workout if 4 sets of 8 reps while the fourth workout is 4 sets of 3 reps.

Thank you. Yes, SET would be very different from SESSION… I guess I’ve been doing it wrong. That could probably be worded better in the worksheet. Thanks for explaining.

I just started power phase of lift plan yesterday, too. What I’m wondering is why the big drop in reps across the 4 sets, ending with just 3? I FTFP’d yesterday and it just didn’t seem like much work. If the weight is heavy enough to only do 3 reps it won’t be explosive anymore, so why not do 4 sets of 8 or at least 6 at the lighter weight to stay power-focused?

Standing Starts 4 sets of 4 x 15 sec ON 90 sec OFF


The plan says “Accelerate as hard as possible (Full GAS !!) to a cadence b/w 120-140rpms”

I understand full gas for the acceleration component but should I have some power left in reserve while I hold the 120-140 rpm or are these full gas all the way through the end of the 15 seconds trying to generate the most power possible?

p.s. Loving the structure and the plan!!!

Go with what the coaches say. The way I have understood it – accelerate quickly to 120-140rpms, full gas all the way through.

That’s how I read it too. What confuses me is that there is a recommended power output based on my FTP that Training Peaks generates but I can probably do the 15 seconds 80-100+ watts above what is prescribed with the plan. That being said I read “Full GAS !!” as Full GAS !!! :wink:

I always viewed the recommended power output as a minimum, not the target.
Enjoy as you “smell the coffee!"

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Often with intervals, there is a power range, but I think in this case power is the goal so there is no ceiling to the range?
Unless I hear otherwise from a couch I’ll be maxing my power output (120-140 rpm) tomorrow morning and for the next couple weeks.

Thanks for your input Frank! :coffee:

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