Strength training advice


I purchased the strength training plan and plan to start it end of September after a A week off / couple of weeks of mental recovery ahead of this off season. Note: I have never lifted weights before (ever!)

I have 2 questions specific to the plan (intermediate purchased)

  1. The first phase has gym sessions Mon , Wed , Fri. Can I do Mon, Thurs , Fri? This is the days I am near a gym each week. Conscious this puts 2 gym sessions back to back. Will this cause any issues ?

  2. In the Hypertrophy phase there is 4 gym sessions, however as per my point above I can only get to gym Mon, Thurs, Fri. Is this going to be an issue that I can only get 3 of the 4 sessions in? What would be the Advise here, and maybe suggestions for what to on the Tuesday as a replacement to the weights.

Feedback would be great so I can make the necessary tweaks to the plan before I get started next month.

Many thanks

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Thanks for being on our plans @frazrider !

Super short answer for a Saturday - but yes, that will cause issues. This is why we recommend you #FtFP

In order to get the best results from the plan - follow it, with lifting in particular. There is a reason why you are going to the gym 2 days on, 1 day off followed by 2 days Off.

Great thanks.

So the advice is try and get 4 sessions a week at gym for hypotrophy stage - thanks

Is it ok to have the back to back days in the first few weeks per my question 1?



Final question here. Should I allocate TSS to my gym sessions to ensure I have a more accurate CTL/TSB etc for exiting the strength plan? If so, any advice on what numbers to use?

Ideally you would have the day off in between, this allows for your legs to adapt to the lifting. If you find you are not getting too sore during this phase I would say it would be okay (though #FtFP’ing is always the best option :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Maybe do the first day in the morning and the following day in the afternoon to give yourself as much time between the sessions…Correct me if I am wrong here @FRANK !

As far as allocating TSS to your gym sessions, check out this thread for the answer from the BigCat
Weight program TSS?


Thanks. I’ll make all efforts to ftfp and try not to mix up the days where possible. First ever time in gym so expecting to suffer a lot re fatigue and DOMs

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You got this!! :muscle:t3:
We are looking forward to hearing how you feel after a few weeks of training

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