Still can't believe it

A big thank you for the Sweet Spot 18 week training plan.
I am a 62 year old, big and heavy guy, completed the 18 week, increased my FTP to 244
and did a 112 mile solo ride last week. Never thought I’d be able to do such a long ride. The longest I’ve ever done and I really enjoyed it.
Thanks again


Way to go!! Thank you for sharing the good news. Proud of your hard work, it pays off!

-Coach Allie


Hi Roland. Congratulations! This might be the beginning of a long, beautiful relationship with the bike. I started out as an overweight guy who bought a hybrid with a suspension fork to start commuting to work. The pounds started melting away and I got hooked on seeing myself get faster and faster over time. I eventually did my first century on that heavy @$$ hybrid (and 50 miles the day after) and it was at that point that I realized maybe I could get good at this cycling thing!


way to go! Keep on pedaling!