Hurt locker! Field test post 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot

I wrapped up the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot over the weekend and started the Gravel Plan (I will submit a plan/pod review directly) today was field test day.
I think I rode it smarter today by picking where I wanted to be for the first 2 minutes (as @FRANK suggests in the pod) and then laying it down. The ride wasn’t quite apples to apples as I was close to running out of road last time and had to go a couple of miles further out, with very similar terrain, and I had a crosswind today that would drop out behind hills or around corners. Either way, this is what I had to give today. My FTP is up 5% (30W) and I landed at just over 4 watts/kg. @Isaiah I think I got the zones all set right, and look forward to our feedback session next week.
I felt like a rockstar for the first 14 minutes, hit the hurt locker, and fought a calf that really wanted to cramp the last four. A couple of minutes into the cool down I had to pull into the ditch and dry heave, “crying in the dojo” so I guess that means I left it all out there. I reset every one of my power and HR metrics with the exceptions of the 5-second power (I reset that 2 weeks ago).
“It never gets easier you just go faster. To put it another way, training is like fighting a gorilla. You don’t stop when you are tired. You stop when the Gorilla is tired” - Greg Henderson


Congrats on keeping the focus & hard work! :facepunch: :muscle:

I’m in wk 11 of the same plan, did my initial FTP test indoors on the rollers, have a feeling going to end up doing it again inside on the rollers (for consistency) been keeping an eye out for a road long enough without interruptions around my area (Toronto) but not looking likely.



@Gavin thanks! I did the very initial test indoors as well (dumb trainer, no power meter) then did a second outdoors between parts 1 and 2, after buying a PM and coaching subscription. It takes a lot more road than expected. I added a couple of miles of road and still nearly ran out. I am on the lookout for a better test spot. My area is really hilly and it is pretty tough to find areas without descents or grades of 6+%. Best of luck finding a good spot!


Solid work!!! Thanks for sharing about your experience and your improvement! Coach @Isaiah knows what he is doing! Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts, too!

Coach Allie