Steamboat GRVL race tactics

Anyone out there who has done Steamboat before or ready for it this Sunday – I’m only doing the blue course and hopefully can hang with all of those who live at elevation.

A few questions:

  1. Any key climbs where the race typically breaks up?- I’m assuming it may go unnecessarily fast the first 20 miles and that it will split into multiple groups even further on the first real climbs at miles 20-30.

  2. Wearing a pack - would any of you recommend a lightweight camelback race pack? I would normally wear this so I can access food in my pockets and have 3 extra liters and then potentially skip the first and last feed zones to save time. I’ve never ridden there so just not sure if we are going to be racing in full blazing sun in dry conditions or if there are any shady sections on course. Thoughts?

Napa, CA

Watch this video for the key climbs (GPS elevation data from my race, 2019)

Then listen to our podcast about the race and watch this video about using a hydration pack!

It will be hot AF - no shade virtually the whole entire course. I don’t think you need to employ any tactics rather its a race of attrition where the tortoise beats the hare every time! I.e. don’t go out too hard

Come visit us in the Expo for more beta!


Follow Amity on Strava if you live in the Bay area or plan to come out our way to ride. She routinely is doing epic rides from the city into Marin!

Thanks so much Frank - appreciate the intel and quick response.

I’ll swing by your booth at the expo on Saturday.


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