STBGRVL Altitude

I started the Steamboat gravel plan this week. Looking forward to some mountain gravel. The altitude worries me a bit. I live at 750’ above sea level & have mixed reactions to altitudes of 6,000’+. I’ll be in Denver for about 10 days later in July, then home & back to Steamboat 3-4 days ahead of the race.

What advice would you offer to deal with the altitude? Any medication, prescription or over the counter that might help?

Heads up Asleep at the Wheel fans. They are playing in Steamboat on 8/15. :notes::guitar::musical_keyboard:

Hi Sam - here is a good tip Coach Jake wrote about the affects of racing at altitude :slight_smile:

To be honest there is not much you can do nor any legal medicine or over the counter. It just is what it is - same for just about everyone else except the locals :wink:


I guess I’ll move to Colorado next year. Thanks for the tip. Riding by feel seems to be the way to ride Steamboat. :+1:t3:


stay hydrated and fuel the whole time, too!

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For sure. I’m a little worried about altitude sickness. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

You’ll be ok! Go by feel and enjoy the day!

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Good read and advice in the comments. Thank you. I rode by feel and enjoyed the day. Knew my limit based on a few CO rides earlier in the summer. Loved the plan. I missed my target time by 15 minutes. Still had a great day. Best gravel event I have ever ridden. See you in 22.