Steamboat Gravel Recon Podcast

Coalition Members! I rode the Steamboat course this past Saturday and @Jackson and I are going tell you about it for this Thursday’s podcast!

You can ask questions in advance using this forum thread and we’ll choose a few to cover as well.

Here’s the TrainingPeaks file

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Question: based on your recon of the course, do you recommend any changes to the simulation rides called for in the SBT training plan (7 hrs and 7k feet of climbing, followed the next week by 8 hrs and 8k feet of climbing)?


Another question: what do you expect the range of finish times to be for the black course?


Hey @FRANK… great SBTGRVL podcast. I got up there to pre ride a couple of weeks ago and course is rad.

In the podcast you mentioned your SBTGRVL workout and that you were going to put a screenshot up,.

any chance you can share that here? I’d like to take a look.

Thanks and see you in few weeks!

I found the image below but you break down the 10’ interval again with time and % of FTP within each segment of the 10’ interval.

Thanks @jmwalsh2 - so that image and %'s are the same as in your training plan

Tempo = 76-90%
Sweet Spot = 84 - 97%
Threshold = 98 - 104%
VO2 = 105- 115%
Zone 6 = > 116%

gradually ramping up to mimic how the hills are going from not that steep to steep (& therefore hard).

Good luck with your training!

Awesome… thank you. I just wanted to compare to a similar work out I do…

10’ as 3’ at Tempo, 3’ at SS, 3’ at threshold, 1’ HARD!!! (VO2/AnP).