16 Weeks to Steamboat Gravel

Hey FasCat Coaches,

Since all racing through the end of May seems highly unlikely, I want to refocus my season on Steamboat Gravel, which is in 17 weeks. I currently have the SBT GRVL plan scheduled to start 6 weeks from race day, but nothing planned before that. Would it make sense to start Sweet Spot Part 2 next week and progress into Part 3, or do some general sweet spot type work for 4 weeks then jump into SS Part 3 before the SBT Gravel plan?

For reference, I completed the resistance training plan in the winter and was part way through the road intervals plan when things went haywire. I’ve mainly just been logging a lot of time mixing Z2 and tempo climbing for the last few weeks while figuring out the new normal.

Thanks for keeping things going during these crazy times, you guys rock!



Morning @devon.baummer

With 17weeks to play with I would start with Sweet Spot Part 2. This will allow you to step back and make sure you have your base/foundation build up. Then since you already have the road intervals plan I would jump back into that next to switch from base to race(this is actually perfect also because much of SBT is like a road race). but cut the last week of the plan. This should leave you with 6 weeks remaining to sharpen up with specificity through the SBT GRVL plan.

Good luck and I hope to see you at SBT GRVL!


Thanks Isaiah! Hope things get moving towards normal, would love to bump into you at a random coffeeshop in Boulder soon and actually get to rip it in Steamboat this summer.


That would be great! See you out there!