Plan for after Steamboat GRVL and next gravel races

Frank - thanks so much for the rice cake for the race! Super helpful and I look forward to improving my time in 2022!

I have Mammoth Tuff in CA mid-Sept and then the Hammerroad Rally (Levi’s event) in Mid-October - both similar distance with more climbing than Steamboat Blue course.

Should I be jumping into IN SEASON GRAVEL this week to lead me up to both of these events and then after my last race in Mid-October go back to Sweet Spot 18 to start building for next season. Our grasshopper adventure series of road/gravel races in NorCal should start back up in Feb and then Shasta Hugger gravel race in Mt. Shasta in March.

Hopefully it isn’t too smoky back in boulder. Smoky here today in Grand Junction and Fruita.

Cheers, Mark

You are kindly welcome, Mark - this week I would chill and recover. When you have recovered then work backwards from your next events -

Mid-September is in a month and then Mid-October is another 4 week block away soooooo I think a climbing block of training in there + a sweet spot part 4 block

Glad those rice cakes were tasty!