Amity Rockwell on Patience, Going Long, and the LeadBoat Challenge

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This week we’re pleased to bring you a conversation with Amity Rockwell, a previous winner of Dirty Kanza and general gravel hitter. Amity has a unique and interesting path into the sport of cycling after growing up in the Bay Area to ultrarunner parents, and her philosophy around the sport and mindset towards training and racing are powerful. Frank and Amity talk about her upbringing and how it developed her love for suffering for long distances, what her training and mental preparation looked like for her 2019 Dirty Kanza victory, and what she’s looking forward to in 2020. For more on Amity, check her out on Instagram:

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Her podcast essentially answers the pacing question - how hard should I go out at? The answer is waaaaay slower than you think. Making the front group isn’t even a concern for her.

Think of your DK like the tortoise :turtle:and the hare :rabbit2: be tortoise and you’ll pass the hare miles 100-200 :muscle:

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