SS4 - Clarification on Z5 / Week 3 Workout

Just starting Week 3 of SS4 - it’s been an interesting change from SS1-3.

My workout that has been imported to Training Peaks says in the description “2 sets of 2x5 minutes on 5 minutes off”. The actual workout structure only has 3 minutes off between the 5 minuters. Which should it be; 3 off, or 5 off?

My guess is that the workout is wrong and it should be 5 minutes off between the 5 minuters, but some clarification would be nice. I’ve noticed a few of these sorts of errors, especially in the SS1-3 plan.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. You will want to take 5 minutes rest between the intervals. Typically vo2 max interval follow the 1:1 work to rest ratio.

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