SS3 reducing endurance at beginning or sessions?

Hi Guys,

Can I reduce the Endurance phase at the beginning of the SS Burst/Over-Under sessions?
I’m struggling to find time to get these sessions in at the moment.


Hi @c4col - you mean the zone 2 warm up?

What are you struggling with and we’ll try to help?

Hi Frank,
I’m just short of time at the moment. I figured the “work” intervals were the crux of the session, and the 40min at the begining (after w/up) was the best place to cull a little time from the overall session.

that is correct - but bear in mind you need a proper warm up and the 30 minutes of zone 2 we have designed beforehand is the proper warm up in our opinion. Therefore the time after is where you can cut short as long as you don’t get off the bike immediately following hard efforts.

Its hard to comment further without knowing what workout/plan you are on but yes, get the structure of the intervals in first and foremost.

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Hi Frank,

That sounds fine.
FYI, I’m on the SweetSpot 3 phase of the 32week plan, getting ready for the Polorized plan next :wink:
Thanks for your input.