SS Part 2 Basic - Flip weeks 4 and 5

Just started week 2 of SS Part 2 (Basic). I will be traveling the weekend of Week 5 Fri/Sat/Sun, while the plan has 2 hours of SS and 2 hours of Z2. With Week 4 planned as regeneration week, if I feel good/great heading into Week 4 can I flip Week 5 and Week 4? So, I would have four weeks “on”, the Week 5 would be regeneration “off”. Then enter Week 6 rested and ready. Thoughts?

Then I have similar situation three consecutive weekends late-April and early May. But, I will look at that when it gets closer.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Steve!
You can do that, but I would go a little easier on week 3 (such as only doing 1 hr endurance sunday instead of 2) so that you can recover as best as possible for the threshold intervals that are on tuesday in week 5. You could even go by feel and if you feel really fatigued or your form is very low, skip the zone 2 on sunday in week 3.

Then in your new week 5 will be a rest week. Do week 6 and jump into your next plan and move the regeneration week to week 3 so that you are back on track to have 3 weeks on 1 week off.

Hope that helps!