SS2 rest week before SS3

Hello Fascats,

I am two weeks away from finishing SS2 and then heading into SS3 and have a couple questions.

Should I schedule a rest week regeneration week between SS2 and SS3? I am carrying 85-90 CTL currently…

After my SS3 I have 6 weeks until I go to Belgium and ride Tour of Flanders course and similar for a couple of weeks. What training plan would you suggest after SS3?


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You should organize your rest weeks 3 weeks after your last rest week in Sweet Spot Part 2. 85-90 CTL is great - so no need to get greedy with the CTL. The summer is young!

For Flanders, if you are doing the full distance do our Fondo plan - its for long events and will have intervals to prepare you for the short climbs you’ll face there.

Hope that helps - have fun up and over those cobbles!

Thanks Frank that helps a lot. I am going to be in Belgium for two weeks of riding (my 4th trip) love the cobbles. I will get the Fondo plan on the go.

Thanks for the great plans and I appreciate the help!