Training plan schedule

I’m finishing the sweet spot 3 plan in 2 weeks and will purchase the 6 week Tour of the Gila plan following that. That plan will end the day before the Tour of the Gila if I start it immediately following the sweet spot plan. I was hoping for a small break in between but time doesn’t allow for it, will that be ok or should I make any adjustments? Thanks in advance!

Did you apply the Gila Plan into your TrainingPeaks? The 6th week of the plan is the race week.

You will want a regeneration week after the final 2 weeks of sweet spot 3 and 1 week of the Gila plan. So you will need to add one. It might mean you are going to miss a week of the Gila Plan.

However I may recommend skipping a week of sweet spot 3 as opposed to missing a week of Gila Plan. Gila is specific to your event that is what you want to focus on.

You can cut and paste weeks in TrainingPeaks by clicking on the menu option next to summary.

I haven’t purchased the TOG plan yet but I’ll get that done and apply it asap. I just finished a regeneration week in the ss plan, maybe I should have skipped that one. Anyway, it sounds like I should skip the last week of my ss3 plan and then follow the TOG plan as normal? My race starts on April 30.

Apply the plan and see how it lines up. You may need to do one last week of sweet spot 3. Work your way backwards. You want the race week > taper week > week 4 Gila Plan > week 3 Gila Plan (as these are the most specific and important training weeks)

But just remember you will want 3 weeks on 1 week off. Once you apply it, it should be easy to see how to make that accommodate.

Willl do, thanks so much!

I thought I’d ‘tag on’ to this with a question: (I’m an older cyclist); I am not seeing plan for Tour of the Gila (TOTG) but do see Stage Race Intervals plan. Also I’ve done resistance training 3 off seasons in a row and am not sure I’ll have time for that this off-season. I’m contemplating doing TOTG (amateur) and I wondered about pairing 16 week Sweet Spot with Stage Race Intervals leading up to TOTG which I assume will be late April 2023. Any thoughts guidance on whether that would be good planning for TOTG and/or perhaps other suggestion? Also wondering about checking out the new Winning Kitchen Meal Plan for particular use during this training. Thanks