2 week gap after A event before next 6 week peak block

My first A race is on July 12 and my next A race is 8 weeks late, on September 12.

How do I fill those 2 weeks in between the end of one peak block and the beginning of the next 6 week peak block?

Also, I plugged in the 32 week SS plan weekly TSS and see that a) the weekly TSS is less than that created by TP when I create an ATP, and b) the shape of the blocks are very different than the TP generated ATP. Normal?


What type of race or event is your goal races? I’d recommend doing a 6 week race specific plan before each event. This way you are getting specific intervals. We have gravel plans, road, criterium, Fondo, hill and mountain bike specific plans.

Also don’t get too caught up in the ATP not lining up. Just follow the training plan and you will get fast! Bo

It’s hard to design a training plan that will hit every single persons CTL target that they will put into the ATP. That is what a coach would be able to do. These plans will however get you in the ballpark. You get proper build and rest cycle that will increase your fitness.

Thanks @Jake. I plugged in 6 week Fondo plan before the first A and the second A.

What do I do to fill the 2 weeks gap with?

So after your first A race you should do a regeneration week. Just pick on from one of the previous sweet spot plans.

Then you should take the first week of sweet spot after the resistance phase and do that following that regeneration week. Take week 4 of the Fondo plan and move it into week 3. Take week 3 and move to week 4. You want that regeneration week to follow the first 3 weeks after after the regeneration week following the first A goal race.

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