Missed SS Group Ride

Hi team,

Currently in week 3 of the 18 week SS program (intermediate). Due to a family emergency, I had to skip Saturdays SS group ride. I will be able to do a ride on Sunday, which is scheduled to be a 2.5 hour Z2 ride.

Would it make sense to do the SS group ride on Sunday and push the 2.5 hour Z2 ride to Monday, which is scheduled to be off and enters a regeneration week?

Any help is appreciated!

Hey @michael.kerrigan!
Not sure what you decided to go ahead and do, but your game plan was likely a suitable choice give the fact that you will have tuesday off as part of the regeneration week. You really want to make sure you dial back for this week though, so possibly only doing 1.5-2 hrs of Z2 today instead of the 2.5 hours as planned for the sunday workout would be the best option. Remember, rest weeks are when you soak up all the hard work you have been putting in!

Thanks @Lacey_Rivette! Ended up doing to group ride on Sunday and will do an shorter Z2 ride today!

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