Regeneration week SS1

Hey guys qq about Saturday’s ride on week 4 (regeneration) of SS1. It says SS 3 hour group ride but in the notes it says <2 hours. So 2 or 3 hrs? and what zone? I typically ride solo on Saturdays. Thanks.

You sure it says 3 hours? I just looked at my calendar and on mine it says 1:30h. So it checks out with the description in the notes…

Hey Ozzy,

Regeneration weeks:
SS 1 basic Saturday is 1.5 hours.
SS1 intermediate Saturday is 2 hours on Saturday.
SS1 advanced Saturday is 3 hours on Saturday.

For regeneration weeks you can do up to the 3 hours called for, or else do a little less if you feel like you need the rest (so you could do 2 hours) The Saturday rides are done between zones 2-4.

Hope that helps!
-Coach Allie

Allie, actually I am on the last 2 weeks of the 16 weeks off season plan intermediate, I did 2.5 hrs on Saturday. That plans ends with SS2 right? I am 13 weeks away from my “A” race USA crits on Sep 11. What plans should I get for the following weeks? Thank you!

ok- that is helpful information!

-16 weeks ( 10 weeks of lifting and 6 weeks of SS2)
-rest week (or easy riding)
-ss3 (6 weeks)
-Crit Intervals (6 weeks)

Take that route!

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Here :wink: Sweet Spot Part 3 – FasCat Coaching

and here :muscle:

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Thanks guys! so just to recap. Should I complete the remaining 2 weeks of my 16 week plan? or jump into SS3 now? I have 13 weeks to my A event.

I have this so far:
2 weeks SS2
1 rest week
6 weeks SS3
4 weeks of intervals for Crits

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