SS 1 + 2 + 3 - Stitching Together


Ive purchased all 3 plans seperately but notice if I ad them back to back there are no rest weeks between plans?

Is this intentional? I assumed the 6 week plan included two rest weeks? maybe 3 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off?

I will have 5 weeks “on” if I dont add a rest week somewhere? should I just add one after 3 weeks on, this would be week 2 of plan 2 as an example and make the rest week 50% of previous weeks work load? looking at the planned TSS / Time this does kind of screw the build proccess, The other option would be to have a rest week after week 6 of SS1 and then same after SS2, This would mean though that im doing 3 weeks on, 1 off, then 2 weeks on 3 off and repeat, Id rather try and do 3 on 1 off if possible?

Does the 18 week plan include rest weeks that you have for sale? Maybe you could share that with me as I have purchased all three anyway… ???

I hope this makes sense???!!

I think ive basically made a mistake buying them separately and essentially need to swap for the combined one, I didnt realise you had “adjusted the periodization” on that one!!! =(


If you do them back to back to back the “taper” is there. Look back at the weekly TSS with all 3 plans in a row, should build for 3 weeks then drop for 1.

End of SS1 has two weeks increasing then SS2 has 1 week increasing with week 2 a “taper”. Same for SS2 to SS3 transition. SS3 is 7 weeks so depending what you do after you may need a “taper” week since it ends on a third increasing week. Should not have to add rest weeks in between SS plans though.

hmmmm, I see what your saying but this still means i will be building for 5 weeks without a “regeneration / recovery week” yes the TSS drops by 60 on week 2 of SS 2 but its still 484 tss @ 9 hours. 5 weeks seems alot without a real recovery period??

and my SS3 is six weeks not 7?

Perhaps I made a bad assumption and one of the coaches needs to reply. I have them all in one plan but assumed they’re the same workouts…I didn’t think they’d make new plans, rather just copy/split/etc. to meet demands.

You’ve actually confirmed my theory, if you have the all in one plan and it has 3 weeks on with one off then that’s exactly what I would like and need to swap my plans to your one!

I also presumed the individual plans are just the 18 weeks in 3 blocks but turns out they are not!

@FRANK wanna respond?

Sweet spot 1, 2 and 3 are 3 different training plans. They are to be used when you want to get a 6 week period of sweet spot training in.

18 weeks of sweet spot does take a lot from 1, 2 and 3 but it was designed as an 18 week training plan as opposed to just putting 3 plans together. They do take a lot of similar workouts from each other and overlap a bit, but it’s not exactly the same as stitching together.

If you would want to stitch your plan together the best way is to stick to the 3 on, 1 off work to rest ratio. You would have to slide weeks of training around to stitch together.

Thanks for the reply Jake, I’ve only just bought them so can I please swap to the 18 week plan, I know how to swap weeks on training peaks but I really want a solid 18 week built by people in the know, ie you guys, not something where I have butchered it together.

I appreciate this is my mistake but its not amazingly clear that the three separate plans are not the same as the 18 week block.


Just sent you an email about switching out the plans.



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Thanks Isaiah, much appreciated.

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