Spare week, how best to use?

Probably going to make this sound more complicated than it actually is, sorry in advance. I work alternate shift patterns week by week. I want to change when my regeneration week falls, so that it falls on the week I work a Saturday, which makes it easier to fit the workouts in by just moving Saturday to Sunday, as there are only three workouts in a regeneration week it’s only one minimal change.

I am currently on a regeneration week ( it’s the second of the 18 week sweetspot plan) and having shifted all the future weeks forward by one week I now have next week empty, I’m just wondering how best to use this week now?


So do you work this Saturday? Or would be in next week?

If next week you work Saturday and want that to line up your regeneration weeks I would just try to get a bunch of TSS the rest of this week with sweet spot. Similar workouts to the previous week. Then rest next week when you work the Saturday and you will back on track. Would be the simplest way to do it.

I have my kids every other week so I have my regeneration weeks line up with my weekends. This way I don’t have long weekend rides when they are with me. Works out really well.

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Thanks. I’m off this Saturday, working next so that plan will work out great.