Spacing between plans

I’m currently putting together my training plan for the Triple Bypass and have a couple questions in regards to chaining together multiple plans. My current plan is: SS1 -> SS2 - SS3 -> Climbing Intervals -> Triple Bypass Plan. Where I’m having trouble is building my calendar in Training Peaks.

When I’m building my overall plan in the calendar I’m not sure how many days apart, if any, I should have the end of one plan and start of another. With SS2 to SS3 for example, with both starting and ending with a field test, do I erase the field test from SS3 and have my first Z2 ride start the day after the final SS2 field test? Do I leave spacing between? Maybe even something else, but any thoughts on this?

Hey @ridethedrops,
First - way to start planning for the 2021 race season! :raised_hands:t3:

My best suggestion fo you is to do our $39 monthly coaching subscription and let a coach line up those plans perfectly for you, adjusting as you go based on how much fatigue you are carrying after each plan, when exactly your race is, and your personal schedule each month. We know that not everyone wants to or can afford that though, so here is my other alternative since you will want to aim to keep as close to the 3 weeks on 1 week off structure as you can when combining those plans:

  1. Do SS part 1
  2. Roll directly into SS2, but instead of the Field test, do 2 x 20 minute sweet spot workout.
  3. Push the regeneration week in SS2 up from week 4 to week 3 of the SS2 (this will be 4 weeks on technically, but considering SSP1 is less intensity you should be just fine).
  4. Do remainder of SS2, repeating the rest week you did in week 3
  5. Roll into SS part 3 and complete it as is, again doing the 2 x 20 minute sweet spot instead of the Field test.
  6. Start Climbing plan, moving the rest week up from week 4 to week 2. Finish out that plan.
  7. Take a solid rest week and do your TB plan.

Again, that is a lot of work and why us FasCat coaches are here. To take away all the planning and logistics and to just let you focus on FtFP’ing :wink:

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