Training Plan Sequencing?

I’ve gone through SS1 and am coming up on the final two weeks of SS3. I’m loving how much I’ve managed to improve over the past 8 weeks by just FTFP’ing! I skipped SS2 because my target event is the Asheville Gran Fondo on July 19th and wanted to go through both the Hill Climbing plan and the Fondo plan to round out the build-up to it. Assuming that the event goes off as scheduled (a stretch, I know), would that sequence be best or swap them around and do the Fondo plan followed by the Hill Climbing plan? Or do you have any other suggested plan sequences that might serve me better? Thanks for everything you guys do!



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That is a great sequences of plans! I would stick to the hill climbing plan followed by the fondo plan so you get the more event specific run in.

Best of luck!