Maintaining weight sessions during SS

I’m just coming to the end of my resistance program and I noticed that the SS plans don’t seem to have gym work in them. I was wondering what the logic of this.
All of the reading outside of Fascat seems to recommend doing some gym work throughout the winter and spring, esp for masters. Fascat seems to put a lot of resistance training and then nothing. Any ideas why?

We do 10 weeks of resistance training because we find that to be enough for cyclist before they need to focus on other aspects of training such as building a base and starting interval training. Weight lifting at the same time as those takes away from what you are trying to accomplish. We go with very specific phases of training.

We recently did a podcast on this subject titled Timing is Everything. Take a listen! In it Frank discuss the training process, why weight lifting only in the winter, its half life and etc. It sounds like you may have started your resistance program too soon. This is why you need to look at the big picture. Work backwards really from your first goal race.

Race > 6 weeks interval training > 12 - 18 weeks sweet spot training > 10 weeks resistance training > foundation training.

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thanks for your question @andrew1 - I am curious to your sources? Because we always seek to learn and strive to improve. Perhaps put what you are reading on the internet into context…

Here’s are our thoughts on weight lifting during the season: