Sleep Podcast w/ Dr. Matthew Walker

Hey Forum Friends - beyond the FasCat Training Tips Podcast and @Jackson’s “In the Flow” podcast there are some more good pods out there like Dr. Michael Gervais’s “Finding Mastery” podcast.

I listened to this one on sleep while riding yesterday and thought I’d share - some good nuggets to help you sleep better and consequently recover better and thereby be able to train more and ultimately ‘get faster’ - all from #FtFP’ing. Enjoy and let me/us know what you think here

The podcast is great. If you want a deeper dive to help you change your habits, I highly recommend the book. Sleep = Recovery = Go Fast!

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This is a great podcast! I had listened to Dr. Walker on a different channel. I highly recommend this other podcast as well, as he goes super in depth with the physiology and biochemistry in a 3 part series. This is for all the nerds out there! Also this guy Peter Attia has some other really interesting podcasts about physiology and medicine that may interest you all.

Sleep is the Holy Grail for Master Cyclists performance in my opinion - the good sleepers are the ones performing well and sadly the poor sleepers are the ones not realizing their potential.

I say that to encourage everyone to work on their sleep by, for starters, listening to the advice in these podcasts about improving your sleep. All in the name of FtFP’ing and going faster :muscle: