The Origins of FTFP

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This week we dive into the background of “FTFP”, or Follow the F@#%&^* Plan! Following the well designed training plan is paramount to success as a cyclist, and there’s many layers that go into it. Coach Frank and Jackson discuss the key components to making training efficient and effective, and the 8 habits of successful cyclists.

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Just listened to the latest podcast. Awesome. I’m recommitting to getting more sleep and riding earlier in the day.

Listened to the entire podcast… all the way to the end… and noticed you are still referring to your Facebook group instead of the forum in the trailer at the end.

Keep it coming guys!


Awesome! Mornings are sacred for me, and that means getting a full night’s sleep. Embrace that lifestyle and I promise you won’t look back.

Thanks for the reminder on the outro, we need to record a new version!