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The last three podcasts with the interviews of the three new Fascat Coaches were TOP!! These podcasts give you a nice, entertaining and a glimpse of the people behind the photo haha My suggestion is to do the same with ALL Fascat Coaches, including the Big Cat. I’ve been following the podcast a long time ago and the new intro, sound and music is great. Yet, the new interview format for new coaches is great so it should be applied to the rest of the crew for new listeners and toget to know them better!! Keep up the great work!!



@FRANK Is there a previous podcast about long ride nutrition tips? My A race will be in the 6-8 hour timeframe and I struggle on fueling days like this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


There sure is and I’ll give you the clif notes first: eat every 30 minutes without fail the whole ride from start to finish


Well thank you Rolando !! In fact Coach @Christian are recording and episode this Friday about pyramidal training and polarized training!!

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Much appreciated!


My first post, might as well make it a good news one :grin:

I have enjoyed the last two podcasts, the polarised/pyramidal as well as the data science one too.


Hey @Frosty Frosty - thanks so much for listening and saying so!

The pyramidal and polarized podcast is here

and we’d be grateful if you leave that review ^^ on iTunes :pray:

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