Six Weeks to Sweet Spot Basic

I just finished this plan. I really enjoyed the workouts and the pacing of the plan. The sweet spot group rides on the weekends required some creative thinking (COVID19 restrictions). I either did a ride on the trainer with Zone 3 intervals or did a brisk solo road ride for 100-150 TSS (basically a “Don’t come home without it ride”). I feel stronger and fitter than 6 weeks ago. My FTP stayed about the same, but I feel I have made gains nonetheless. Next up: Cyclocross Summer Sweet Spot w/skills Intermediate. Then I plan on doing Six Weeks to Cyclocross. That should get me to the starting grid for the first local CX race. We will have a modified/ truncated season here in Western New York. Probably very small mass starts or even a TT format. The good news is we will have some fun and competition. I love these plans and am looking forward to a great season of CX (my first in the 70+ Masters Cat!!!)


Awesome @john.dunn - I think you are going to see alot of the “cyclocross time trial format” this Fall.

Imagine a CX race without the starting grid and 20-30 riders racing by starting in 30-60 second intervals and racing 5 laps for time. For example.

Have fun, ride fast, work hard #FtFP!

Yeah! I may still get lapped by the younger Cats though. It will be awesome to race. We can social distance afterwards with PBRs to tell lies and tales! I can’t wait.

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Those younger Cats ‘don’t have nuthin’ on your perspective because PBR’s and tall post race tales are what its all about!