Need a little guidance

Hello, Ive been on all the CX plans since January. Just finished summer sweet spot. I have purchased 6 weeks til cyclocross and was ready to plug in that plan…but…I don’t think there going to be any cyclocross in our area this year.
I know Nationals is supposed to happen, but dint plan on doing that anyways. So, looks like I need to change gears so to speak. I plugged in a few workouts this week to basically continue on sweet spot. I put in the only two events that I know I plan to attend. The Palo Duro marathon race is a maybe also…
So would plugging in the 6 weeks to cyclocross be a good idea considering the 2 events I have coming up? Thanks for your help, I’m sure its tough for you guys right now since people don’t really have events to focus on right now.

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@mikeaguayo - this is why we created our Strava Cyclocross Plan - it has six ‘races’ that you will do yourself using strava while working on your CX skills. Check it out:

Do this plan now and after six weeks see where your local community is “@” in terms of cx racing.

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Thanks for your response Frank. I always appreciate you answering since I believe we are roughly the same age. I like getting advice from those that understand the demands of Masters lives etc…
This sounds great. I’m no stranger to setting up practice CX courses. Been working on spots all summer for hot laps.