Simulation Ride

Heyo, so I’m on the Gravel Training plan and I am not able to complete my Gravel simulation today. It’s the initial half gravel simulation for 3 hours. I could complete it tomorrow, but I’m not sure how to move forward with the plan. I am also a bit confused by how it says for 1 out of the 3 hours to do an interrupted hour on a gravel road. Does this mean an hour with breaks? or interval interruptions? I’m not quite sure what to get out of that. Thanks for any advice!


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It is meant to say do an uninterrupted stretch of gravel. So just trying to stay on gravel for an hour to not give your body a break. Many of the longer gravel races are like this. You won’t see any smooth road for hours. So just preparing yourself for that.

You could do the ride tomorrow. That would mean Tuesday best be off. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s workouts pushed back a day. So you wouldn’t get in .Thursday’s workout. Still rest on Friday and back on schedule next Saturday.

Not ideal as #FtFP is ideal and the best way but things happen.

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