Gravel Simulation Rides

So I am hoping to get into Kanza this year and wondering how long the simulation rides are leading up to the race?

LONG! The longer the better! I covered it in our latest podcast also the video version is here:

Depends on your goals, how hardcore you are, if you have the time, etc…

Last April I met a guy on a gravel group ride in Ft. Collins, CO who was preparing for his 2nd DK200. He said he was doing 6 hour rides on the trainer and 10 hour rides outside on the weekends - both days! Not my cup of Joe but to each his own.

Hey everyone! I am new to Fascat and the Forum. I have done Kanza twice and like Frank said, the longer the better. Each time I did a few 140 mile rides prior to the big day. Also, back to back long rides are helpful. Pretend like it is race day and test your kit, tires, food, hydration, everything. It would be a nightmare to be out in the Flint Hills and not prepared.

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Exactly Darren!

This is basically in the description of our gravel simulation rides. Treat it like a race so come race day you are prepared. Work on nutrition, the clothing, gear, tires, equipment and etc.

Some of our gravel simulations rides will only say 6 hours but remember these are not specific but for the masses to accommodate for the majority. If you are planning on racing a 12 -14 hour event you will want to make these simulation rides longer! Basically hitting your longest one 3 weeks out from the event.

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My question isn’t Kanza-specific, but more a general race simulation timing question. Is there any consensus on when your LAST simulation ride should take place? 1 week, 2 week or 3 weeks prior to the date of your race?

Assuming your race lands on a weekend, can we do our final race-simulation the weekend prior (7 days before event) or does this build too much fatigue coming into race-week?

Do your final same distance/duration/feet of climbing simulation ride 2-3 weeks prior.

Then 1 week prior do a 1/4 distance/duration/feet of climbing sim ride

Rest a ton before and after (multiple days off the bike, per the plan)