Simulation ride plan adjustments for <3.5hr gravel race

For an upcoming 65mi gavel race, I’m able to ride the actual race course for all of my simulation rides, and at race-pace it’s in the 3:15-3:30hr duration riding solo. I’m currently following the intermediate gravel plan and wondering for the next 2 simulations if i should just ride the full course and ramp intensity for each simulation, doing progressively more time in sweet spot/TH to improve speed/time. Compared to the plan, this would put me short of the 5hr duration Sim#2 and similar duration for Sim#3 (but full distance instead of 1/2).

On my first simulation ride yesterday (planned 4hrs) I completed the course in 3:30 riding Tempo and SS, with some low threshold on uphill sections. I did a few extra miles before and after for a ride of 3:45 and 226 hrTSS.

So for Sim#2 this week. . . should i add miles/time after the course to get 5hrs for training/TSS benefit or go all out for 3:15-3:30 on the course and call it done?

and for Sim#3 . . . all-out on full course, or do only 3hrs (or even less at full gas) as part of transition to taper week?

Hey Garrett!
What I suggest for your next simulation ride is doing a 10-15 minute warmup then do the course all out (this will help meet the target tss faster) and then add on 30-45 minutes of zone 2 afterward. That will get you about 4 hours and should get you close to the planned TSS.

For sim #3 do the course full gas and if you exceed the TSS bump your Sunday ride down to an hour.

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Thanks Lacey! this will work great. . . and with 3 full-course rides in, even if i don’t place well at least i wont get lost!! - Thanks again

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