SBT and BWR Plans

Hi Coaches, I have 2 questions.

First, even though the SBT is canceled I am still doing a camp where we will ride the entire route over 2 days. So, I am sticking with the gravel plan to coincide with the camp. There is 12 weeks between the camp and BWR and plan to redo the gravel plan. What do you recommend for the other 6 weeks leading into the start of the gravel plan?

Second, when doing the weekend rides I am averaging abut 60 tss/hr and sometimes finishing earlier than the prescribed duration. What’s more important, hitting tss, duration, or backing off slightly and hit both? I’m 56 y/o riding pacific northwest rolling/hilly terrain.


I would recommend sweet spot 2 to go between your two plans before starting the gravel plan again for BWR. This gets. you some long sweet spot efforts. You could also do sweet spot 3, but personally I would lean towards sweet spot 2.

As for your second question just #FtFP as Frank say. So complete the workout as planned. If you come out with an extra 15 - 25 TSS on the longer rides it is ok. It won’t effect the training too much. However you will be getting some longer and higher TSS rides especially in your simulations workouts. So that is coming. What is good is it sounds like you have no issue hitting the higher TSS per hour numbers. That is what a gravel race is like. Hard and fast from the start and just holding on till the end.

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Thanks for the quite reply and keep up the great work!

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