Should i do the Foundation Training original 12 minutes and stretching everyday?

Should i do the Foundation Training original 12 minutes and stretching everyday even on rest days?

The answer will be yes, do them as much as you can. I personally love the foundations work and they have more material you can get via monthly subscription or dvd’s. My past coach got me hooked on foundation training and it is great to see this program include it as well.

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to quote Dr Eric Goodman, ‘do this everyday: no back pain ever’ - yes, at your discretion but not at the expense of #FtFP’ing.

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Thats really good to know. thank you for responding

Just started doing the foundation training this week and whoa. What a burner! Quick question for those who do this all the time, is it normal to be feeling it in your quads and hamstrings as well as your lower back and hips?

That is normal depending on the poses. I do foundation work 3-4 days per week based on the dvd they sell.

Thanks! I just wanted to get an idea to make sure I was doing them right. It definitely feels great after!

I’ve been doing these 2-4 times a week for a few months now. Some of the key things I hear Dr Goodman saying:

  • cyclists want to use quads, this routine isn’t about your quads
  • feel it in your lower back (mentions trembling a couple times)
  • feel it in your hamstrings
  • feel it in your glutes, particularly during the hip hinging in the good mornings

Thats off the top of my head.

By paying attention to Dr Goodman’s form tips during the YouTube video, this workout really lights up my hamstrings and glutes/hamstrings (good mornings). My favorite part are the good mornings at the end (wide legs), really works the glutes and hamstrings!

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Yeah my hamstrings, lower back and flutes are for sure on fire during this lol.

Light 'em up! :fire: :leg: :muscle:

Seriously, I don’t get feel much on lower back but wowza :heart_eyes: the good mornings (glutes/hamstrings) already seem to be making a difference when attacking bridges or doing torquey efforts (tempo at low cadence) here in flatland. Haven’t had a chance to ride in the foothills yet, but my legs/rear are starting to feel a return to the awesomeness of how they felt when I did the DeathRide!