Back Pain Advice :(

Hey FC team!

It appears that I’ve neglected my back throughout my training and have developed some bad lower back pain, spasm issues.

Is the advice that I do the recommended FC yoga and Foundation videos to aid in my recovery?

How many times per week should these fit into my schedule?

Really appreciate the thoughts!

Yes to the Yoga & Foundations + letting pain be your guide but ALSO very important seek out help from your medical professional.

How many times per week, to quote Dr. Eric Goodman, “Do this everyday, no back pain ever” :white_check_mark:


OK so “Do this everyday, no back pain ever” is not hyperbole :slight_smile:

I’m seeing a Dr, then upon approval I’ll get back to work on my plans.

Thanks Frank!

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Noticed that the 12 min FT video has been taken off youtube… is there an alternate link or different recommended video by Goodman?

Yes, the foundation people took it down. Check out this thread.


As Frank said, best see a medical professional.

But what has worked for me over the years is the Stuart McGill “Big 3”. You can read about them here:

He has a range of books too. There are also plenty of examples on YouTube of people demonstrating the exercises.

I would also get someone to look at your sacroiliac joint. This has been the culprit for me in the past. If you look at:


You can read about the DonTigny core stabilization exercises which have helped me in the past.

All the best

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