Foundation Training

I did the 12 minute foundation training video and liked it a lot. I looked at the Foundation Trainign website and saw that they have a bunch of videos that you can access paying a subscription. I was wondering if anybody else has a subscription for this and if it is worth it. Thanks.

Hey @julio.gaviria – glad to hear you enjoyed the foundations training, it is great for eliminating the back pain that so many of us cyclists get. To answer your question, it depends on how much time you have to dedicate to more foundations work. The 12 min routine when done consistently is adequate for maintaining your back strength and improving bike handling. However if you have extra time and doing a little more of the foundations videos will not prevent you from FtFP’ing, then I say go for it :slight_smile:

P.S. Don’t forget about your yoga too!

Also, here is a similar thread you might find helpful:

Thanks. I saw that thread before. My question was more about if it is worth having the subscription to access all the other workouts or I might as well do the same 12 minutes workout instead of paying for a subscription if I want to do this type of workouts a few times per week.

In order to FtFP @julio.gaviria all you need to do is follow the free 12 minute video in your plan.

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