Setting a 28 Weeks Plan to Levi's Gran Fondo

Hi Fascat Team,

I’m starting my plan for the next event…

The event: Levi’s Gran Fondo (121 miles & 10K+ climbing)
The goal: finish in under 7.5 hours (16 m/h avg.)
My Age: 51
Ability: 500 TSS week moderate, 700 TSS week big (avg. 7K miles / year last 5 years)
CTL goal 90 w/ 6 weeks to focus on race-specific efforts… (3 10m above threshold climbing efforts)

I will start with 16 weeks of Sweetspot, which will leave 12 weeks until race day).

Should I:

  • repeat SST 3 then Hill Climb
  • Hill Climb then SST 4
  • or something else


Also, after this event I will plan a break, then prep for the fall Fondo season in SoCal. I have no specific goals for those events, other than to just have fun.


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Hey Rich,

I’d do hill climb plan followed by the fondo plan - Hill climb is darn hard and will give you a huge CTL and FTP boost, then the fondo plan will help you increase volume and ride into peak shape. Then you’ll have earned the rest break for sure!

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Thanks Zach. Very helpful.

@ZachGregg - Which Fondo plan is harder? Phil’s Fondo, Gran Fondo or Triple by Pass plan? I really want to cry in the dojo… Looking for more Threshold and VO2 efforts.

Edit: Haute Route plan is actually the most savage fondo plan, Coach Christian just posted about it in a different thread and that’s going to prepare you for all the climbing, just make sure you get some good total volume in on the weekends and all the sustained climbing efforts will have you crushing that 10k vert