Off season resistance training + sweet spot “base”

Hi Frank,

I just purchased the 32 week off season resistance plan + SST plan. I’m trying to figure out how to dovetail this plan into another interval plan for an Oct 5th A race (Levi’s Gran Fondo). My goal is to peak at this ride (sub 6 hour) and continue strong into the SoCal fondo season (i.e Phil’s Fondo). My current plan is to target the completion of this 32-week plan 6 weeks prior to Oct 5th, then inject 6-weeks of intervals leading into Levi’s to help with climbing (Phil’s Cookie Fondo training program). Thoughts, advice? Maybe other Fascat plans that would be better for the interval piece? I’m 48 with a professional career and two teenage daughters with sports commitments. I have 8-12 hours / week to cry in the dojo, and I don’t mind long hours on the trainer (2-5 hours).

Also, it would be great to see a digram of the 32 weeks and what’s happening in each week prior to selecting a plan start date. For example, call out each of the four weeks of resistence training, the SST weeks and rest weeks. This would help me plan around work travel. Just a thought.



I think that is a good plan actually. The Phils fondo plan will put you into a good spot to tackle the climbs and sharpen up before the events. The other option I could recommend would actually be our Intervals for Road Racing plan if you want to change things up. This will allow you to prep for more things that might come up during a grand fondo outside of just the climbing portions.

Then for the diagram that is when the ATP tool comes into good use the by the athlete. But also check out the cool diagram we have created for the 32 week plan that can be found in the product description page

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What about the Hill Climb Intervals for the last 6 weeks, since these fondo have 9K of climbing?

If you want to climb faster our hill climbing interval plan is our goto and choose >15 minutes for the climbs that are longer than that at Phil’s Fondo.

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